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Our Photos

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We organize our photos in three separate collections:

  • Family photo album - Photos of us that tell our story. The transition from film to digital in our photo album took place around 2003. This means that all pictures from before 2003 are scans of film photos.
  • Analog photos - We love film photography! In this section you will find examples of black & white and color photographs we took with film cameras from our collection. All photos were developed at home by us using Unicolor for color, and either Kodak D-76 or Caffenol for back & white development. The negatives were later scanned with either an Epson Perfection V600 scanner or a Wolverine F2F Super converter.
  • Digital photos - A collection made with some of the more "artistic" photos we have taken with digital cameras (including smartphone cameras) over the years.
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