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De Laredu, Lin

Rufo De Franciso's interview by Javier González Mellado published in the January 2008 issue of the magazine "De Laredu, Lin" of Laredo, Spain. In Spanish.


Nuria De Francisco's interview at Stanford University for Univision's Channel 14 commenting on the Spain vs. Tunisia soccer game at the 2006 World Cup (June 19).


Pictures of the interview with Jesús Pindado for the television program "Cántabros en el Exterior", broadcast by TeleCabarga on November 24th, 2005.

Cantabria Confidencial

Article by Jesús Pindado in "Cantabria Confidencial" of Santander, Spain; November 14th, 2005. In Spanish.

Tribuna Universitaria de Salamanca

Article in "Tribuna Universitaria" of Salamanca, Spain; June 19th, 2000 (in Spanish).

El Diario Montañés

Article by Marco García Vidart in "El Diario Montañés" of Santander, Spain; April 25th, 2000. In Spanish.

Schoolhouse Rock!

Another Rufo Javier (Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla) taught English pronouns on the TV program Schoolhouse Rock! back in 1977.

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